In an effort to provide as much useful data as possible, I've developed maps of Haynesville Shale completions and working rig locations. At this time, I only have Louisiana completions, but I am gathering data (slowly) for Texas completions. The maps are presented two ways:
  1. Google EARTH - Clicking the maps marked Google Earth will open the data in the Google Earth program (or it might open the data file in your file manager - if so, just double click the file to open it). Google Earth is a separate program that can be downloaded for free from Google. It is more powerful than Google Maps and you can see all of the completions on a single map. The downside is that it is a separate piece of software that is not run through your browser. The upside is that it's pretty cool. Download Google Earth here.
  2. Google Maps - Clicking these maps open typical Google maps that appear in an internet browser window. Because of speed issues, I've had to break down the data into "bite-sized" pieces by geography, so you have to click a particular geographic area to get applicable data. If you want to see everythng, use the "All Louisiana Completions" map in Google Earth.
If you see any mistakes or have trouble loading maps, please contact me at haynesvilleplay (at)

Haynesville Working Rig Maps- Texas and Louisiana:

Haynesville Completions Maps:
[it's been a long, long while since I've updated these - sorry!]

Middle Bossier Shale - Texas and Louisiana (updated sporadically as new data becomes available):
Texas Oil Rumor