Well Completions


The three links above will connect you to a list of completions on the Louisiana side of the Haynesville Shale.  It also inlcludes Mid-Bossier Shale results. 
The initial production data comes from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources as well as company news releases.  Data that is not from the DNR is noted as such.  Initial production rates may vary between the company reports and the DNR reports.  For the sake of consistency, I use the published DNR rates. 
If you are aware of any wells that are missing from this list, I would very much appreciate it if you drop me an email at haynesvilleplay(@)gmail.com.
The initial production data comes from a myriad of sources, including regional Texas newspapers and various forms of company information. Since IP data is not reported by a single source, I do not consider it as reliable as the Louisiana initial production data.
All of the production data comes from the Texas Railroad Commission and is current through November 2009. Some of the production data stops and starts, especially for some of the older wells and the wells that may actually be in other formations, but for the most recent Haynesville/Bossier wells, it is pretty good.  The production data will be updated periodically. 
The list is broken into two groups, first, newer completions where I have found initial production data but have yet to be included in the production data list (or for some reason don't have production data) and older wells for which there is valid production data (the bulk of the list).