Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Shut-Ins

I was perusing some data from the Louisiana DNR this morning when I noticed that a handful of Haynesville wells were classified as "shut-in dry hole," so I dug a little deeper and saw that between April 20 and 28, 22 Haynesville wells had been reclassified as shut-in.  While alarming at first, I figure this is more of an administrative move since nearly all of the wells are ALT wells to successfully operating wells.  Most had been drilled and were in some form of completion.  Several had already been completed and turned to sales.  One exception was the Debroeck 4 well, which was abandoned in 2010 and is in process of being plugged and abandoned.

Here is the list of wells reclassified as shut in during the last week of April 2016:

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