Friday, February 5, 2016

The Hits Keep Coming: US Gas Rig Count down 17 to 104

The BHI U.S. natural gas rig count was down big this week, dropping 17 to 104.  A 14% drop in one week!  Over the past 10 weeks, the count has plummeted 88 rigs, or 46%, from what was already a record low (at least since the late 80's).  The overall count was down 48 rigs, as oil rigs declined by 31, but percentage-wise, that was only 6%.  Only six percent - it's amazing what happens when you continually reset your expectation downward.


Anonymous said...

Hey Robert...

I know you are not keeping track of the Haynesville anymore.

Could you do an update on the rig count one last time?




Robert Hutchinson said...

Unfortunately I don't have current rig data past year end so I can't update it. Sorry, RH

Anonymous said...

I understand thanks for the reply back