Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yipes! EIA: Gas in Storage +9 Bcf to 4.009 Tcf

The EIA reported Wednesday that working gas in storage was up 9 Bcf to a new record high 4.009 Tcf.  The weekly injection 141 Bcf (!!!) greater than the same week last year's withdrawal and 36 Bcf higher than the five year average withdrawal.  The current storage level is now 16.0% higher than last year (3.455 Tcf, a difference of 554 Bcf) and 6.7% above the five year average (3.757 Tcf, a difference of 252 Bcf).

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Anonymous said...

Don't expect it to get much better. Last Thanksgiving and Black Friday much of the Great Lakes and Northeast had snow, this year many of those same areas, especially the more east you go, had warm weather.

Pretty soon the question is going to be, will we get under 2.5 Tcf by the end of winter.