Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Refracking All the Rage

I've received a handful of inquiries in the past few months about refracking in the Haynesville Shale.  The answer is that I have seen a few refrac completions reported but not nearly as many as I suspect there have been.  Just today, I've noted that EXCO (six refracs to date) and Comstock (planning 10 in 2015) are delving into refracking as part of their 2015 Haynesville capital plans.

Everyone else is talking about it, but I suspect they are mostly grasping at straws right now to try to figure out the economics and to make it a consistently repeatable process.  There was a good article on Bloomberg on the subject yesterday.  I suspect that refracking will follow the trajectory of the shale gas drilling and completion learning curve but with a tighter time frame.  If refracking can be perfected (or at least improved), it will be a great way for companies to generate better return on investment than spudding new wells in a low gas price environment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rig update... Go check out what BHP is doing with the new rig the are using in Ratzburg and Rives. Keithville Well Services.... The rig is from Pennsylvania ... I think this thing is faster less rig time..... It looks more like a work over rig..
Check it out and your thoughts...

Robert Hutchinson said...

Unfortunately, I'm 300 miles away and won't get there any time soon, but I did check out a picture of the rig (http://www.drillingcontractor.org/keithville-well-drilling-to-deploy-new-schramm-rig-to-haynesville-30903).

Definitely svelte.