Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chesapeake Reports Year End Results

Chesapeake Energy reported its year end results today.  You can read all about it here (press release, presentation), but I'll cherry-pick the relevant Haynesville stuff.  I guess the biggest item of note is that CHK is actually talking about the Haynesville again.  They were so intent on following the herd into liquids that the Haynesville has barely warranted a mention in recent investor materials.  In recent months, we've seen greater attention paid to the Haynesville by several companies (i.e. Comstock) that have realized that enhanced drilling and producing techniques allow them to yield pretty decent economics on Haynesville wells.  I'm not a bitter man, so I'll try not to dwell on this or say, "I told you so."

Anyhoo, in 2015, the Haynesville should receive 13% of CHK's $4.0 to $4.5 billion capital budget, or approximately $520 to $585 million and will see seven to eight rigs throughout the year along with one frac crew (it is currently operating seven rigs).  CHK is not looking to take many chances this year, as all wells will be drilled on existing pads.

Here is what CHK had to say about 2014:
"Haynesville Shale net production averaged approximately 592 million cubic feet of natural gas equivalent (mmcfe) per day (910 gross operated mmcfe per day) during the 2014 fourth quarter, an increase of 5% sequentially. The 2014 average completed well cost (January – October) was approximately $8.4 million with an average completed lateral length of 4,900 feet and 13 frac stages, compared to an average completed well cost of $8.9 million in 2013 with an average completed lateral length of 4,400 feet and 18 frac stages. The average peak production rate of the 18 wells that commenced first production in the Haynesville during the 2014 fourth quarter was approximately 13.4 mmcfe per day."
Here are some relevant slides:

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