Monday, March 24, 2014

New Texas Completions

  • CGU 23 #51HH, Anadarko E&P: 2.88 MMcf/day IP, 16.2 Bbl/day liquids, ?/64" choke, 2,415 psi; Perfs: 10,881-14,991, length: 4,110 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co., Survey: SAMFORD, A, A-632 
  • CGU 13 #54HH, Anadarko E&P: 5.849 MMcf/day IP, 84.0 Bbl/day liquids, 20/64" choke, 415 psi; Perfs: 10,889-16,450, length: 5,561 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co., Survey: HUGHES, HRS J, A-278 
  • CGU 13 #53HH, Anadarko E&P: 4.437 MMcf/day IP, 50.0 Bbl/day liquids, 20/64" choke, 3,815 psi; Perfs: 11,031-16,360, length: 5,329 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co., Survey: HUGHES, HRS J, A-278 
  • Redhawks DU #H1, XTO Energy: 9.036 MMcf/day IP, 17/64" choke, 7,057 psi; Perfs: 12,885-19,593, length: 6,708 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Shelby Co., Survey: HARRISON, J, A-306 
  • J.W. Wiltcher Gas Unit #7, Valence Operating: .742 MMcf/day IP, 12/64" choke, 615 psi; Perfs: 10,125-10,280, length: 155 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co., Survey: HOOPER, WM, A-323; This well was commingled with a Cotton Valley well, which was perf''d at 8,586 - 9,496'.  It reported 13.2 Bbl of liquids, but I believe that came from the Cotton Valley layer.


Joel said...

Just recently discovered your blog - great stuff on Haynesville Richard. I noticed you used to have map updates on the Texas Oil Rumor. I hear stuff every now and then about it as well. Any idea if that still has some momentum? Keep up the good work!

Robert Hutchinson said...

I still hear a few rumors, but I don't have a tab devoted to it any more. My take is that if there is something liquid down below the Haynesville it is in puddles, not lakes. In other words, it is not so much as a layer as inconsistent, one-off locations.

There are lots of rumors - though fewer of late - but I try to follow those that lead to facts. If I hear/see anything more of substance, I will certainly post it.