Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's an App for That! (and a Web Site too)

In these pages, we always talk about how the adoption of CNG for passenger cars is a chicken and egg situation:  consumers won't be comfortable with CNG until there are more fueling stations, but businesses will not build new filling stations until there are more natural gas vehicles.  While there is no critical mass of CNG stations, there are more than a handful out there, and now there's an app to find them.

Released by the DOE, the app helps drivers find natural gas and electric fueling stations.  The DOE's web site also has a helpful station locator built into a Google map:

It is encouraging to see more and more alternative fueling stations opening to the public, but Louisiana and east Texas have a long way to go.  Given that we sit on one of the world's richest natural gas formations, we only have a small handful of CNG stations.

All alternative fuels:

CNG stations:


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