Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Louisiana Completions

Another paltry week for Louisiana completions, with only two new entries.  One was from the paper and hasn't even been officially reported by DNR:
  • EDWL 11-14-15 H #2-ALT, Chesapeake Operating: 12.984 MMcf/day IP on 22/64 in. choke at 5,815 psi; Perfs: 12,070-16,445, length: 4,375 ft.; Caspiana Field, DeSoto Parish, S11/T14/R15; res. A, serial #243819 
  • Johnson 19-14-15 H #1, Chesapeake Operating: 15.048 MMcf/day IP on ?/64 in. choke at 6,148 psi; Perfs: 11,866-16,337, length: 4,471 ft.; Bethany Longstreet Field, DeSoto Parish, S19/T14/R15; res. A, serial #245518

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