Thursday, October 3, 2013

EIA: Storage +101 Bcf to 3.487 Tcf

The EIA reported that working gas in storage was up 101 Bcf this week to 3.487 Tcf.  I guess the EIA autobot must be working because I imagine the EIA staff is furloughed now that "lemmings with suicide vests" have taken over the Capitol.  The weekly injection was 31% higher than last year (+77 Bcf) and 23% above the five year average (+82 Bcf).  The current storage level is 4.3% below last year (3.642 Tcf) but 1.4% above the five year average (3.438 Tcf).

Temperatures last week averaged 64.6 degrees, which was 0.9 degrees warmer than last year and 0.3 degrees cooler than average.

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