Friday, October 11, 2013

EIA Now Closed Because of Shutdown

I got an email late this afternoon that the EIA has finally shut down because of the government shutdown.  For some reason, the EIA had some additional appropriation that allowed it to operate for ten days after most everything else closed.  I read a book to my six year old recently that explained that a roach can live for weeks after its head is cut off because its neurological functions are distributed throughout its body instead of residing in a single brain.  Maybe that's what's going on with EIA (although I'm certainly not comparing the agency to a roach).

But the good news is that the members only Congressional gymnasium is still open, albeit without towel service.

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Duane said...

I was wondering why the EIA's "critical" daily emails were still being published. I recall one of those emails announced a job opportunity for someone who would like to work for the EIA, which is responsible for inventing many energy inovations. The EIA does add to the GDP doesn't it?