Friday, August 2, 2013

Two Texas Completions from Wells Drilled Long Ago

7/18/13 - 8/1/13:

The two completions below were from wells permitted and drilled a while back.  The "Wells" completion finished drilling February 14, 2011 (Happy Valentine's Day!) and the "Woodley" well finished drilling on October 20, 2009.  They were both classified as "unperfed completions" for a few years and finally completed in June 2013.  They were originally drilled when Sabine was still NFR Energy, and the Woodley W-1 still shows the NFR name.
  •  Wells GU #2H, Sabine Oil & Gas: 10.192 MMcf/day IP, 20/64" choke, 5,767 psi; Perfs: 11,227-16,270, length: 5,043 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Angelina Co., Survey: WOOD, M L, A-782 
  • Woodley #6H, Sabine Oil & Gas: 6.374 MMcf/day IP, 20/64" choke, 5,126 psi; Perfs: 11,132-14,100, length: 2,968 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Angelina Co., Survey: HUMPHRIES, W , A-299

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