Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Week's Louisiana Completions

  • Keatchie 15-14-15 H #2-ALT, Chesapeake Operating: 13.968 MMcf/day IP on 22/64 in. choke at 6,045 psi; Perfs: 12,018-16,509, length: 4,491 ft.; Bethany Longstreet Field, DeSoto Parish, S15/T14/R15; res. A, serial #243925 
  • SUMC 30-9-13 H #1, Chesapeake Operating: 17.644 MMcf/day IP on 22/64 in. choke at 7,582 psi; Perfs: 11,098-15,856, length: 4,758 ft.; Converse Field, Sabine Parish, S30/T9/R13; res. A, serial #243794


Anonymous said...

Seems like Keatchie 15-14-15 H 2-Alt was drilled in 2011 but not completed until last month??


Robert Hutx said...

I think CHK is knocking the dust of a few wells in its inventory. Not sure if it was a pipeline issue or just holding out for higher prices.


Robert Hutchinson said...

"Off a few wells" not "of"

Lousy iPhone!