Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Latest on Aubrey

Things just seem a little more boring than usual in the natural gas industry now that Aubrey McClendon is no longer CEO of Chesapeake Energy.  I guess it's both the good boring and the bad boring.  But no fear, he won't be gone long.  He's already opened up an office across the street from his old digs and set up several companies to both manage his personal assets and become the new platform for his empire building tendencies.

American Energy Partners seems to be the new big deal.  Aubrey has put up three billboards around OKC advertising for job openings.  He says he's going to grow the company through drillbit and acquisitions.  Best of all, he says he's "not scared of natural gas."  Huzzah!  Haven't heard that recently.

Godspeed, Aubrey.  I'm sure we'll be writing about you again soon.

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