Friday, April 19, 2013

Good Piece on Cheniere Energy (and Hypocrisy)

Chris Helman wrote a good profile of soon-to-be-LNG-exporter Cheniere Energy and its CEO Charif Souki in the upcoming issue of Forbes magazine.  There are no new revelations or insights, but it nicely summarizes the market and regulatory situation as well as the hypocrisy of certain large industrial companies that have a protectionist view of natural gas - as far as it benefits their own bottom lines.

The approval process for LNG export licenses to non-free trade agreement countries will be one of the biggest energy stories of 2013.  It's a classic big money battle of lobbyists and conflicting business interests with a twist of odd bedfellows.  A Washington bonanza!

Maybe it's just me getting older and more cynical, but I can't help but thinking that most stories in the media, especially of an op/ed variety, are the product of pricey lobbying campaigns meant to sway public opinion as plainly as a slickly produced 30 second TV commercial.  Each side has their talking points and quips, but at the end of the day, are they really just paid actors?  Do they really care about what they say?  Who is pulling the strings (read: writing the checks)?

I work hard to stay informed, but the more I read, the more I feel like the leading pawn on a chessboard.  Maybe I should just tune out and revert to ignorance.  I hear there is bliss there.

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RichL said...

Read the Economist, Atlantic monthly, and the New Yorker. There is some opinion placement in them, but you'll get a balanced and more intelligent view over time.

It's also important to get your news from printed or screen sources, rather than TV. Reading goes more slowly, so if there is a fallacious assumption you're more likely to pick up on it than when watching TV, where statements that are either true or false just flow without interruption.