Monday, March 18, 2013

A Gas to Liquids Startup

One of the my favorite things about living in the U.S., especially now, is the environment of constant innovation.  A new start-up in San Francisco called Siluria Technologies is bringing a new natural gas to liquids technology to market that doesn't depend on the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Unlike the Fischer-Tropsch method, which requires high heat and lots of energy, Siluria's process supposedly requires lower heat and less energy.  The technology is not proven at scale, but it has attracted significant venture capital backers. Depending on the viability of the technology and its ability to both scale and survive higher natural gas prices, we might have yet another potential end user market for natural gas.  Put it on the list.  It won't help natural gas right now, but it is one of many things that make the future for gas look rosy.

All you fat brains out there, just keep 'em coming!

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