Thursday, February 7, 2013

One New Louisiana Completion

  • O B Madden 7-18 HC #1-ALT, Encana Corp.: 19.557 MMcf/day IP on 28/64 in. choke at 5,660 psi; Perfs: 12,782-19,535, length: 6,753 ft.; Woodardville Field, Red River Parish, S7/T14/R10; res. A, serial #243657
This well highlights why the Haynesville will not see any significant increase in drilling activity for a while, even if prices nudge upwards.  It looks like Encana completed this well from its inventory of previously drilled wells.  A rig was last on the well in November 2011.  It goes to show that when producers are looking for new production from the Haynesville, whether to take advantage of a little price bump or the need to satisfy some volume requirements, it is more cost effective to complete a well from the backlog rather than start a new drilling program.

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