Monday, February 25, 2013

November 2012 Consumption: Also Riding High

Natural gas consumption in November 2012, measured as gas delivered to customers, was 1.978 Tcf, which was 8.0% greater than November 2011 and 17.6% higher than the previous ten year average.

Year to date, gas consumption hit 21.07 Tcf, which was 5.9% higher than last year and 11.9% higher than the ten year average.  So far in 2012, per day consumption was 3.3 Bcf higher than in 2011.  Versus last year, increased use by utilities (+22.9% vs 2011) is making up for reduced use in the residential (-13.2%) and commercial (-9.0%) sectors.

Versus the ten year average, higher use by the utility (+44.6%) and and industrial sector (+4.7%) more than offset declines in the residential (-13.4%) and commercial (-5.9%) sectors.

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