Friday, January 4, 2013

EIA: Storage -135 Bcf to 3.517 Tcf

The EIA reported that gas in storage decreased by 135 Bcf last week, bringing working gas in storage to 3.517 Tcf.  The weekly withdrawal was 75% greater than last year (-77 Bcf) and 22% higher than the five year average (-111 Bcf).  The current storage level is now 0.7% above last year (3.494 Tcf) and 12.4% above the five year average (3.128 Tcf).


Anonymous said...

I think you meant to use "above" instead of "below".
I find the 5 year avg. interesting, last week it was 140Bcf and this week it is 111Bcf, it shows how extreme our weather is week to week for the last five years. Starting next week we get 2 weeks of 40+ temps in Pittsburgh.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Thanks, I clarified it. Speed kills.

What it also shows is how a "missed week" like last week puts you way behind the averages during this period when the weather is coldest. The average line falls steeply in January and you can't afford to fall behind.