Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sasol Lake Charles GTL a Go

Sasol, Ltd. announced yesterday that it will go forward with its proposed gas-to-liquids plant near its existing facilities in Lake Charles, LA (link to news releaselink to project web site).  Sasol will now commence engineering for the ethane cracker project, which is expected to cost between $16 and $21 billion and commence construction in 2014.  It should be operational by 2017.

The project, which will be one of the biggest construction industrial projects in the country, is a big win for the state of Louisiana.  It will provide an economic boost during the construction and create hundreds of permanent jobs.  Additionally, it will be a great customer for Haynesville Shale gas.

From the time the feasibility study was announced last year, selecting this site seemed like a natural decision for Sasol, which has been a leader in GTL technology.  With a large available site next to its existing facility in Westlake and close proximity to plentiful gas from the Haynesville Shale, the project seemed like a given.  But that won't stop Gov. Jindal from placing it at the top of his 2016 presidential resume and taking a fundraising victory lap across the country.  Godspeed Bobby, godspeed.


Anonymous said...

Robert--I haven't seen any mention of the Sasol Lake Charles GTL project in the New Orleans Times-Picayune or NOLA.com. Seems like this should be big news all over Louisiana. Any ideas why this story has not been featured?

Robert Hutchinson said...

Probably because the T-P is in self-immolation mode. When you only print two workweek papers (Wed and Fri) and then try to substitute a truly awful web site, you can't keep the public informed. It's like watching someone drown.

Do I sound bitter?

The article linked in the post is from Nola.com's Monday edition. The physical article is in today's paper (Wed), p. A-16. It's only two days old.