Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Haynesville Shale Rig Count: +2 to 24

For the third straight week, the Haynesville Shale rig count was up last week.  The count was up by two to 24 with one new rig in both Louisiana (13) and Texas (11).  Over the past three weeks, the Haynesville count is up six rigs after bottoming out at 18 on November 30.  The beginning of a recovery or "dead cat bounce?"

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Anonymous said...

I say "dead cat bounce" until completions pick up. Also notice the locations of the increased 6 rigs. 4 in Panola county and that is all about NGLs and 2 in Sabine Parish which is on the fringe of the core Haynesville, so I am guessing that dry gas optimism is not driving those rig additions.