Friday, November 30, 2012

LA Sen. Landrieu Supports LNG Export

At a recent forum in Washington, D.C., Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu stated that she supports the export of natural gas from the U.S.  This endorsement comes at a critical time for those wishing to export LNG, with the Department of Energy soon due to complete a market impact study that likely will determine if the nearly 20 applications pending for natural gas export will be eligible to receive approval to export gas to nations that don't have free trade agreements with the U.S. (i.e. the best potential customers).

Sen. Landrieu's decision to support LNG is fraught with conflicts.  Specifically, Louisiana is home to the Haynesville Shale and is the operational hub for most offshore drilling platforms, but it is also home to numerous chemical and manufacturing interests that thrive on cheap natural gas.  Both produce lots of jobs (and potential wealth), so the pro-LNG decision is no simple matter.

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