Friday, September 28, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

I read an interesting piece about the movie "Promised Land" (and here) that offered a plot spoiler.  I won't link to the article because I find the author to be something of an ass (Google it if you are interested). Instead, I'll offer the disclaimer that this spoiler is hearsay and technically a rumor.

Anyway, the trailer of "Promised Land" makes the viewer think that Matt Damon is the misguided bad guy who eventually turns on his evil employer after falling for the gal and small town life.  I like to play a parlor game whenever I see a movie trailer to guess what they are trying to tell us and what the truth behind the plot is.

In the case of "Promised Land," the dramatic twist apparently is that the anti-hero (played by co-writer John Krasinski, of "The Office" fame), the environmental conscious for the story, is actually a double agent planted by the evil gas company to discredit the environmental movement.  So instead of the gas company just being bad, they are actually badderer (remember those "thickerer" Chunky bars?).

After much of the hyperbole and discredited stances, from Josh Fox to Dimock, PA, the anti-fracking movement is desperately searching for a factual toehold in reality.  Unfortunately, they have to rely on this fiction.  I don't know if this spoiler is true, but it certainly makes sense given the trailer.  As I'm sure some clever chap on the internet has already said, "well played, Hollywood, well played."

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