Thursday, September 6, 2012

Now That's a Good Looking Coal Mine

I like this coal mine for two reasons: 1) it has become a monumental public art project and 2) it is no longer a working coal mine.

The installation pictured above is a large installation built atop a closed coal mine in northern England.  Titled Northumberlandia, this large female nude was fashioned from rock, earth and waste from the shuttered coal mine.  It was privately funded by a land owner and the company that built the mine and is without a doubt the best looking coal mine I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, I doubt there are many public art works carved out of the remains of West Virginia mountaintops when the strip mining is done.  The local residents will be lucky enough to have a functioning ecosystem and a reforested nub where a peak once stood.  At least the owners of this Wyoming coal mine converted the reclamation site to a wind farm.  That's progress up the environmental ladder.

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