Thursday, June 14, 2012

Encana's Ultra-Long Louisiana Laterals

Encana lately has been touting the fact that it has drilled six Louisiana Haynesville wells with "ultra-long" laterals averaging 7,300 feet.  This week's completion report showed the fruits of this experiment with two wells in Red River Parish, the Edgar Cason 7-18 HC #3-ALT and the O B Madden 7-18 HC #3-ALT, that featured 7,465 and 6,980  foot laterals, respectively.  They produced fat IP numbers of 25.9 and 24.1 MMcf/day (although on fairly wide chokes of 27/64 and 26/64, respectively).  These IP figures are the biggest recorded in Louisiana since late February 2012.

This is a big deal because Louisiana usually only allows wells to be drilled within a single unit.  In Texas, where the units are not as rigidly laid out, some operators have been having success with longer laterals (including a 7,987 foot XTO lateral reported today).  The longer laterals allow companies to save money because the higher drilling and completion cost is spread over a better performing well than a traditional well.

Look four more of the ultra-long completions in Red River Parish in the next couple of months and maybe a couple from SWEPI (Shell) as well.  For fun, I've set up a Google Map with the suspected wells.

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