Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Official: El Paso E&P Ain't El Paso No Mo

Private equity company Apollo Global Management yesterday announced that it and its partners have completed the acquisition of El Paso's E&P division for around $7.15 billion.  This transaction comes as part of Kinder Morgan's acquisition of El Paso.

I'm sort of sorry to see this come to pass. I liked the ring of "El Paso."  Now we have yet another boring initial-based name, EP Energy.  Yaaaawwwwnnn.  Possibly the greatest loss was the change of St. Mary Land and Exploration to SM Energy. What happened to creativity? Sounds like lawyers are naming companies these days. Where are the cool company names? We don't need stupid names, just something interesting that reflects the business and the heritage of the company.  While I'm no fan of A&P Grocery, at least I have the knowledge that "A&P" represents The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.  Now that is a cool name!

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