Sunday, April 22, 2012

Front Page News

Fortune Magazine arrived in my mailbox on Friday and there in blue and white was the big cover story: "The United States of Natural Gas" with the caption, "How the New 100-Year Supply of Shale Gas is Reviving the American Economy."  Nice.  I had just finished reading a big interview with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris in a Fortune issue from last month where he lays out the company's new strategy as one that is built on using the abundance of gas in the U.S. to develop a domestic manufacturing base that creates higher margin, non-commodity products. As one of my neighbors always says, "that's the sh*t."

Maybe the PR firms hired by the natural gas industry are really gaining traction because you can't open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an article about the rebirth of the American manufacturing sector. And the main reason for this rebirth? Shale gas.

In any case, businesses are starting to invest real dollars in industries that will lead to lots of steady jobs in the coming years and likely a lot of one-time construction jobs in the near future.  It feels like the positive message about shale gas is finally getting out.

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