Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chesapeake Responds to Rolling Stone

Last week, Rolling Stone published a scathing article ostensibly about hydraulic fracturing that was really just a cheap hack job on Chesapeake Energy and CEO Aubrey McClendon.  I've been holding off linking to this article because it is a poor excuse for journalism.  As Nick Grealy ( tweeted about the Rolling Stone article: "still on drugs after all these years."

This weekend, Chesapeake published a rebuttal that bears reading alongside the Rolling Stone article.  Say what you will about McClendon and Chesapeake, but they don't back down from a fight. It likely won't change anything, but you can't let piss-poor journalism go unchallenged.

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Robert Hutchinson said...

Even Arthur Berman said he was misrepresented in the Rolling Stone article. His rebuttal: