Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LA Completions Update

There was only one new completion reported this week by the LA DNR:

  • Moran 26 #4-ALT, EXCO Operating: 18.664 MMcf/day IP on 22/64 in. choke at 7,734 psi; Perfs: 12,675-16,983, length: 4,308 ft.; Kingston Field, DeSoto Parish, S26/T14/R13; res. A, serial #243393

But the DNR is starting to catch up on some of its backlog from not having stayed current with reporting new completions for the past several weeks.  I've back-filled some of the data for about 45 previously reported completions on the spreadsheets but am waiting another week to update the maps so they won't have any data gaps.

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