Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Encana Haynesville Conference Call

One thing I like about Encana is that they do a Haynesville-centric investor presentation once per year.  It is usually full of good information about the company's efforts and the play itself.  This year is no exception, as the company expounds upon its "resource play hub" concept where it drills multiple wells from a single location  (formerly known as the "gas factory" but maybe that elicited too many juvenile comments).  Encana is one of several companies that have been working in the Haynesville on multiple wells from a single pad and it's good to see some tangible results.

I'll be posting some information from the presentation over the next few days, but here are the direct links to Encana's materials, including the presentation, the webcast, a transcript of the webcast and a self-promotional video tour of the company's Haynesville operations (WMV, MP4).  There is lots of good stuff in there, including a discussion of new demand drivers in the southeast (GTL plant in Lake Charles, LNG export and new natural gas power plants) and a little more on the Mid-Bossier.

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