Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Haynesville Overview Article

World Oil magazine published a very good feature article on the Haynesville Shale in its October edition (if that link doesn't work and you don't mind a lack of paragraph breaks, try this).  The article offers a comprehensive look at the play, with a fair amount of technical specifics.  Perhaps the best part of the article is that they quoted yours truly.  You can't imagine how enormous my ego is now.  I'm totally insufferable (even more than usual).


Anonymous said...

Here's a very good technical article:
"Geologic analysis of the Upper Jurassic Haynesvile Shale in East Texas and West Louisiana", Hammes et al.- AAPG Bulletin, V. 95, No. 10, Pg. 1643-1666, October 2011

Robert Hutchinson said...

Do you have a link to the AAPG article?

Anonymous said...

You can download it for free if you are an AAPG member from their website or you can purchase it thorugh the "pay per view" at

and search by author (HAMMES) and year of publication (2011).