Monday, October 24, 2011

CNG: Zoom Zoom!

CNG has taken a stylish new turn.  J.T. Nesbitt, a designer and Haynesville Shale royalty owner living in New Orleans, designed and hand-built a roadster called the Magnolia Special.  The vehicle is powered by compressed natural gas and is soon to make a cross-country trip from New York to Los Angeles. (More info on the Magnolia Special with lots of pictures)

Nesbitt formerly designed motorcycles for Confederate Motorcycles before the company decamped from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Check out his Bienville Studios web site, he does some pretty interesting work.

This is not the first CNG hot rod.  A few years ago, Chesapeake Energy commissioned a CNG chopper, which it has taken on numerous publicity runs.

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