Friday, September 16, 2011

BHP Hits the Gas

It looks like BHP Billiton wasted little time in letting people know its intention for newly acquired Petrohawk.  Drill, baby, drill!  Petrohawk is applying for 18 alternate wells in Sections 26, 34 and 35 of T15/R11 in the Swan Lake Field overlapping Caddo and Bossier Parishes and five alternate wells in S28/T15/R11 in the Caspiana Field of Bossier Parish.

Looks like BHP and Petrohawk are setting up a gas factory to drive up BHP's production numbers.


Anonymous said...

Robert, Petrohawk also applied for a bunch of alternate wells in the Gahagan and Red River-Bull Bayou fields in Red River Parish.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Thanks, Les. Now let's see how fast they put bit to ground.

Have a good weekend.