Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Halliburton Exec Drinks Fracking Water at Conference

In a staged episode at a Colorado Oil and Gas Association meeting, a Halliburton executive took a drink of the company's new brand of hydraulic fracturing fluid, CleanStim.  Hopefully the frackocktail didn't include proppant, or it would have been a gritty bev.

Halliburton has been pushing CleanStim as a friendlier alternative to older versions of fracking fluid.  The stunt was not widely witnessed, but I doubt it will change too many negative opinions about fracking (or Halliburton).  But it did give evidence that the oil and gas industry is taking tangible steps towards making the fracturing fluids out of natural products that are less scary sounding (even in minute quantities).  I'm of the belief that this is a trend that will follow and that this is not the last time someone will take a swig of frack fluid.

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