Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jordan #3 Reports

For those following the deep oil rumors in east Texas, the Valence Operating Jordan #3 well (noted by GMX Resources in its investor materials as a possible deep oil target) officially reported its completion yesterday:
  • Jordan #3, Valence Operating: .777 MMcf/day IP, 20/64" choke, 635 psi; Perfs: 11,040-11,744, length: 704 ft.; Carthage Field (CV/Haynesville), Harrison Co., Survey: ANDERSON, B, A-29
Not very exciting.  No liquids reported.  Very much like the Nancy Brewster #8, which stirred many hearts in the region only to disappoint.  But that might not be the whole story.  The Jordan completion document stated that the permit will remain open to be commingled with Beckville (Cotton Valley).  Yesterday I got an eyewitness report of a workover rig at the Brewster #8 site for a follow-on completion.  I updated the spreadsheet and map to reflect the new data.


Tom said...

What is interesting is how poor the reported performance of the wells(Jordan and Brewster) in the 11,000 ft region and yet they keep drilling with a deep(relatively) target.

Might just be a smoke screen. If they stopped pulling permits/drilling at the new/deeper depths it would be easier to believe that there is nothing there.

Finding oil in this region and depth is all about structure from what I am told. Probably easy to run a test and not show what you want to keep hidden.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Two new vertical Valence wells in the same area as the Jordan.... George Robertson #3, and the Fowler #2. Notice the depths.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are working on getting the necessary infrastructure in place to produce from that depth. In the meantime they keep sinking vertical wells to the same depth.