Monday, June 20, 2011

Nancy Brewser #8: Revealed!

And the crowd goes, "Awwwwwww!"  Initial potential results from the now famous Nancy Brewster Gas Unit #8 were posted last Friday.  (I'll post last week's Texas completions and permits tomorrow.)  The Brewster is a vertical well drilled by Valence Operating south of Marshall, TX.  Results show that the well was completed May 17 at 921 Mcf/day of natural gas on a 24/64" choke at 1,015 psi flowing pressure.

What didn't show up was any sign of oil or condensate.  Rumors have circulated for months that this was the well where oil was found under the Haynesville Shale layer in either the Smackover or Norphlet formation.  At first glance, this report seems to refute the rumors.

But don't despair just yet, oil fans.  The revised collective rumors (before today's result) seemed to indicate that the well was plugged above what would have been the Norphlet layer and that there is a larger, narrow deep trend going northward that operators are still trying to keep hush-hush.  Take that for what you will.

According to the report, the Brewster well was drilled to 12,228 feet, but it was plugged at 11,951 feet.  It was fracked from 11,130 to 11,885 feet.  The well was not fracked in the Cotton Valley zone, and the report states that Valence wants to keep the permit open so it can commingle the Haynesville with the Cotton Valley.  It is silent about what might lie below (although it says it hit the Bossier Shale at 10,190 feet).

Again - and as always - these are rumors and I'm not representing them as fact.  I view this news as inconclusive and will keep an eye trained on the situation.


Anonymous said...

The wells around there produce condensate/distillate from the CV formation. There is even an oil well pump jack on the Washington Gas Unit. Strange this one would produce "blank" Keep digging Mr. H. I think you are on to something.

Jeff said...

I've got some swampland in florida to sell you.

Robert Hutchinson said...

Jeff, does it include mineral rights? ;-)