Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oil Rumor List Updated

I have updated the "Oil Rumor" spreadsheet to include Valence's newly permitted Mack Runnels well that is a vertical permitted to 12,500 feet, 2,200 feet below the Haynesville, its lowest stated target.


Anonymous said...

The Runnels #9 is a vertical. No "H" after the 9.

Anonymous said...

The GMX Bosh 2a vertical well has been approved to 14,400 ft. GMX Mercer 15H may be the Cotton Vally horizontal well promised for 2011 targeting oil and gas.

DVN is recompleting an oil/gas vertical well just north of Carthage to 9,600 ft (WHITAKER UNIT - Well # 5)
No one is talking but the activity seem to be increasing especially when you look at what Valence is up to.

With these low nat gas prices it is hard to see all that money being sunk into the 5 or 6 Sterrett wells jammed one on top of the other (no held by production going on here.)

Anonymous said...

The Mack Runnels #9 pad is under construction.