Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Goodrich Completion

Goodrich Petroleum announced its first quarter results yesterday.  Evidence of the company's attention shift towards the Eagle Ford Shale was present, as during the quarter Goodrich completed 12 Haynesville wells in the quarter and three Eagle Ford wells (gross).  But in terms of drilling activity, the company drilled nine Haynesville wells and eight Eagle Ford wells (gross).  The momentum clearly is shifting from the Haynesville towards the Eagle Ford.

Goodrich did report one promising completion:

  • H. Nelson #1 H, Goodrich: 12.4 MMcf/day IP (24 hour test), 14/64" choke, 11,500 psi; 4,860 ft lateral with 15 frac stages.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Nacogdoches Co., Survey: MEDFORD, J R , A-406

Goodrich reports that after two months the well is flowing at 10.4 MMcf/day.  Not too shabby.

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