Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GMX on Deep Oil

From GMX Resources' first quarter 2011 operational update (my emphasis):
"The Company announced on our year-end 2010 update call planned tests to evaluate the zones below the Haynesville in response to reports indicating that an offset operator had produced oil from area reported to be below the Haynesville. In 2006, the Company drilled or caused to be drilled 19 vertical test wells through the Smackover (below the Haynesville). The only oil-bearing formation known to produce below the Smackover in east Texas is the Norphlet, which historically resides at the top of the Lou Ann Salt. Only three of the deep tests were drilled to the salt; however, open-hole logs could not survey the full interval. These wells were subsequently completed as Cotton Valley Sands vertical wells. The Company has identified some of these wells that would suitable for re-entry. We have begun that process and anticipate having an update on the results during second or third quarter of 2011."
In its conference call materials, the company said it identified six CV wells for re-entry.


Anonymous said...

The (approved 5/10/11) Mercer well 15H 42-203-35059 is a 16,500 foot horizontal oil/gas well.

Anonymous said...

The Bosh 2A vertical well recompletion was approved to 14,400 ft on 5/12/11.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Interesting. In the past month or so, the Bosh #2A W-1 has been amended from 12,500' to 14,400'.