Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sun River Announces First Haynesville Completion (with Oil)

Sun River Energy announced today that it has completed its first Haynesville Shale well in Panola Co., TX.  Sun River operates a farm-out from Devon Energy.

  • Neal Heirs Unit #1H, Sun River Operating: 2.256 MMcf/day IP, unkown choke, 3,320 psi; Perfs: 10,214'-10,716', length: 502 ft.; Carthage Field (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co., Survey: MCGOWAN, AJ, A-426 (all information self-reported)
The company's press release said, "presently, the well is producing both natural gas and crude."  Crude?  You mean oil?  There weren't many specifics about the crude in terms of quantity or where it came from.  I'm sure there will be much conversation about it in the days to come.

The well is a vertical well permitted to 12,000' as a Haynesville gas well, and the company reported that it drilled down to 11,057 feet.  The well is located immediately north of Lake Murvaul, around 9 miles southwest of Carthage.  The well is just south of an area that is just stupid with vertical wells.  It is also in an area that is suspected to have an oil layer below the Haynesville.  Not saying that is the case here - there is not yet enough public information - but it sure is another interesting data point.


Anonymous said...

I have an updated map with some of the wells mentioned. Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is chesapeake plans to drill 4 deep oil wells in Desoto parish this year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah DeSoto!