Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honda Civic Natural Gas in Showrooms This Fall

The 2012 natural gas powered Honda Civic, the only consumer natural gas car now available in the U.S. - although in a very limited fashion - will be released in wide distribution starting fall 2011 with the expectation that it will be in showrooms across the country within a year of that.  (Civic Natural Gas web site)

Honda's web site is a bit more cautious than the article above, defining "nationwide" as "...states that have sufficient CNG stations within close proximity to authorized Civic Natural Gas dealers."  But it is a start, especially given the growth (slow, but methodical) of CNG fueling infrastructure across the country.

Honda is changing the CNG Civic's name from the Civic GX to Civic Natural Gas ("Civic Natural Gas" = CNG, get it?).  In gallon equivalents, the CNG's mileage is rated at 27 MPG city/38 MPG highway/31 MPG combined, but of course the cost of natural gas is significantly lower than regular gasoline, so it's not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.  The car will be assembled in Indiana.  For those interested, the press release is full of all of the auto technophile's data, from MacPherson struts to compression ratios.

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