Friday, February 18, 2011

Save Us from Josh Fox

Josh Fox, the director of the anti-natural gas propaganda otherwise known as "Gasland" is using the bully pulpit he was handed along with an Oscar nomination to call for a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing.  He is asking President Obama to place a moratorium on the practice just as he did on deepwater drilling after the BP Macondo accident in the Gulf last year, even though there is no proof behind Fox's claims.

Interestingly, I read in the Financial Times that Russian gas giant Gazprom, which is deadly afraid of shale gas eroding its power over gas markets, has looked at ways of helping to promote "Gasland."  What strange bedfellows ambition makes.

I also find it interesting that some environmentalists are coming out against "Gasland," including a recent article in the Huffington Post by Bill Shireman.

Given the disastrous outcome of the previous drilling moratorium, I wouldn't hold my breath that the President will sign on to Fox's plan.  I believe that the President understands the benefits of natural gas, but he has to walk a very narrow path as not to upset the politically powerful coal lobby and to maintain support for R&D funding for alternative energy.  Natural gas is one of the few industries in the U.S. that 1) has grown in recent years, 2) offers a way to reduce both particulate pollution and carbon dioxide levels, and 3) can potentially be a new export product, which is one of the President's priorities.

While Josh Fox has the mic, hes' going to say lots of things to drum up support for his movie and its Oscar bid.  Hopefully he won't get to say them on stage at the Oscars.

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