Monday, February 28, 2011

Gasland Fact Checking at NY Times

New York Times/Greenwire published a lengthy fact checking of the documentary "Gasland" last week in anticipation of the Academy Awards.  While not as blistering as "Debunking Gasland" by Energy in Depth, it provides an objective look at the claims made by Josh Fox in his documentary.  Makes for interesting reading as the piece concludes that many of the claims Fox made in the film are at least somewhat exaggerated.  Most interesting that it comes from a publication called "Greenwire" and it appeared just days before the parent paper published a lengthy article critical of shale drilling.


Anonymous said...

I thought from reading it, that the NY Times article by in large supported the claims made by Fox as having a degree of truth behind them and outlining the details behind the emotive language.

But I guess it depends on the bias with which you read it. I read it with a critical, academic eye with some grace for artistic storytelling, where as others may read it with a different perspective.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks groundwater is not affected by Fracking has not done their research. Tie the corporation into liability based on water quality before agreement:)