Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ugh, "Gasland" Nominated for Oscar

Anti-gas propagadocumentary "Gasland" has been nominated for an Academy Award in the category "Documentary (Feature)."  This means we are in for 32 days of fawning over a film that tells one biased and carefully trimmed side of a complex issue.  Not unexpectedly, the drilling industry is not too happy.

Not being one for self-congratulatory entertainment awards shows, I don't put a lot of stock in this news, but I know millions more do.  I doubt people are going to rush to their Netflix accounts to queue up the film, but it certainly won't hurt viewership.  Ultimately, though, the movie probably reached more viewers through showings on HBO last year than it did for all of recognition it received at various film festivals.

I see that "Gasland" is up against a documentary by the my favorite street artist (sort of an oxymoron) Banksy called "Exit Through the Gift Shop."  Both likely will lose to "Restrepo," but I'm no movie critic.  A couple of Banksy images from his trip to New Orleans a couple of years ago to get my mind off Gasland:


Anonymous said...

Carefully trimmed? How about a steaming bag full of lies! I shouldn't be surprised by the nomination given Hollywood's strong anti-fossil fuel tilt.

I am always amazed how someone like Fox is automatically considered "good" and can say anything without factual support while the "bad" industry actually attempts to be truthful in their statements.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Hey, I'm trying to be diplomatic and just a little big objective! I sat there for ten minutes struggling to find the right phrase. I'll keep working on it...