Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crimson Mid-Bossier Update

Crimson Exploration provided an update on its Mid-Bossier wells in the Shelby Trough area of east Texas with a new completion:
  • Gobi #1, Crimson Exploration: 11.7 MMcf/day IP, 16/64" choke; Carthage Field, San Augustine Co., Survey: CONICHE, S , A-9
Gobi had a 4,400 foot lateral with 14 frac stages.  Under a restricted choke, it had a pressure of 9,400 psi.  A previous nearby Mid-Bossier completion, Grizzly #1 (#691612), has been flowing for four months and is still producing at a rate of 7.3 MMcf/day with flowing tubing pressure of 6,524 psi on a 15/64" choke.  Cumulative production for Grizzly over that four month period has been just over 1 Bcf.

Two more Mid-Bossier wells are nearing completion.  The Halbert Trust #1 (#694989, operated by Eagle O&G) has been fracked and is expected to have initial production by late December.  The Bengal #1 (#700622) has been drilled with a 4,400 lateral.  Crimson expects completion to commence in January 2011. Gobi and Grizzly are in the Bruin Prospect Area, Halbert is in the Fairway Farms Prospect Area and Bengal is in the Tiger Prospect Area.

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