Monday, November 29, 2010

Well Said

An editorial in yesterday's Shreveport Times clearly stated the best course for the future of drilling and exploration in the Haynesville Shale.  It can be summarized in one word: balance.

The issue of mineral exploration has many sides, but the extremes often find the large and eager audiences, from "drill, baby, drill!" to "frack no!"  But what often gets lost in the rabble is the middle ground where the rest of us live.  The reality is that we need fossil fuels to run our country and the best place to source them is right here at home.  But what's the best way to achieve both of those goals?  Answer: we have to balance the need to drill, with its related benefits, from jobs to wealth creation, against the need to protect the environment and maintain favorable living conditions.

An important part of this balance is having a regulatory structure that is both empowered and funded.  Business too often fights regulation.  It is the nature of the "free" market to avoid any shackles, perceived or otherwise, but   the truth is that business can't effectively self-regulate.  There must be checks and balances.  It is the foundation of the U.S. government and it has proven to be very successful, if messy.  Many folks might not like it, but if you've got nothing to hide...

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