Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Coming?

From the AP:

WASHINGTON — The Interior Department may require natural gas drillers to disclose the chemicals being used in a controversial drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says officials are weighing a policy that includes disclosure requirements for fluids used in the technique.
Salazar hosted a forum Tuesday on the drilling practice, in which crews inject millions of gallons of water, mixed with sand and chemicals, underground to force open channels in sand and rock formations so natural gas will flow.
Salazar called the technique “a hot and very difficult issue,” both on public and private lands.
The New York Assembly approved a temporary ban on hydraulic fracturing this week.
Not surprising.  The more you hide (especially when you're Halliburton), the more people will press.  We've always advocated for disclosure on these pages.  Let's just hope the disclosures are accompanied by the small quantities the chemicals actually represent of the total fracking fluid.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at Schlumberger's Openfrac technology. A quick search on their website will bring it up. This fluid system allows full disclosure of the fluid similar to that used in the food industry. Unlike Halliburton, they have nothing to hide.

Robert Hutchinson said...

It seems like Halliburton is the only company holding out (i.e. the need for a subpoena). I guess they like to make themselves the bad guy.