Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mid-Bossier Shale Map Changes

I've made a couple of changes to the Mid-Bossier Shale map to make it easier to use.  First, I organized the data in a more orderly format rather than the (lazy) paragraph format I had been using. Second, I added my notes about where I sourced the data.  The big question most people have is, "where did you hear that?"  Now you can click the flag on the map (either in Google Maps or Google Earth) and find out.  It is a little raw (i.e. "PR" means press release and "pres" means investor presentation, etc.).

You also will see references to "individual" in a few places in the notes.  These are instances where I've gotten a tip from a knowledgeable (non-anonymous) source and I'm concealing their identity.  I always protect the identity of anyone who feeds me information and I don't share it on the web site or behind the scenes.

Because there is no specific classification for the Mid-Bossier in either Texas or Louisiana, it is a bit of a guessing game.  My collection of Mid-Bossier wells is far from perfect.  I'm sure I am missing some, and one or two may be dubious.  There are some other wells I know of that are not on the list, but I've been asked to wait until the data is public before publishing the data.

One well that is dubious is the Hazel Bryne 3 #1H (Harrison Co. TX, status #689135).  GMX Resources went out if its way in an investor presentation on Aug. 25, 2010 (see page 9) to claim that this Berry Oil completion it is a Mid-Bossier well.  Given GMX's concentration in Harrison County, this might be a little self-serving.  Based on my review of maps and communication with some people more knowledgeable than me, however, it doesn't look like the Mid-Bossier Shale is in this area.  Maybe it's a semantics issue and the nomenclature is getting confused, but I read/heard this as a very specific reference by GMX to the Middle Bossier.  I welcome/request any additional input on this well.  If you don't want to reply, you can email me at haynesvilleplay (at) gmail.com.

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