Thursday, September 2, 2010

EIA: Storage +54 Bcf to 3.106 Tcf

The weekly EIA working gas in storage report showed a 54 Bcf net injection, bringing the working gas in storage figure to 3.106 Tcf.  As it has been for the past couple of months, the net injection was less than both last year (+64 Bcf) and the five year average (+62 Bcf), but the spread has narrowed somewhat as temperatures across the country have moderated.  The current storage level is now 6.3% lower than last year and 5.8% higher than the five year average.

The biggest gain last week was in the East Region, with a 53 Bcf net injection.  The West (-6 Bcf) and Producing (+7 Bcf) regions more or less canceled themselves out. Fortunately, with the big injection in the East Region, the storage levels there are only 1.1% higher than the five year average.

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